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Mobile Strike hack – getting free gold with the hack tool

What’s up, fellas? Our Games Office Team is back today with Mobile Strike hack. First let’s start with a short introduction about this. If you love building an Army and launching an attack on the world or watching army TV series, then you are just very close to Mobile Strike. Mobile strike is one of the most popular games among game lovers in the world. It is a free-to-air action game that you can spend hours on. Also, consequent upon this, we have taken our time to give you a general overview of the game, how you can enjoy it, and the mobile strike hack software for free gold.

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About the game

Mobile Strike is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game where you build and develop your home base. Furthermore, you also need to train the army to defend your base and to launch an attack on neighboring enemies. There are distinctly 2 game types which are the internal construction and external destruction. Hence, you will need to erect new constructions, gather resources, train troops, and perform other research within your home base. The world map available on the game allows you to locate nearby enemies and plot an attack.


Mobile Strike is a multiplayer (MMO) game which means that you can play it with another player. Although you can start and play along at the initial, it is relatively important that you form an alliance with other players in order to get the best of the game. The alliance system is based on people you choose to fight with. You can choose from existing ones or build your own.

Having allies in MMO is always a good thing. As said earlier, alliance party is the people who fight together with you, assist in construction, and join in other activities. Hence, forming allies means you are developing the people that will help you succeed in the game. You can see the alliance tab at the bottom of the screen and it usually takes a considerable period of time.

Missions and items

Once you are able to understand the basics of the Mobile Strike game, you will discover that you are inadvertently completing tasks and winning prizes for the missions completed. You can see the missions and items menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Essentially, there is a lot going on in the game.

There are few categories of missions which are Daily Missions, Base Missions, VIP missions, and Alliance Missions. Base Missions refers to the work you are doing on your bases, such as building and upgrading buildings. There are different kinds of base missions than every other mission types and you can easily complete them through the normal gameplay. The Alliance, Daily, and VIP missions are a little bit different. You need to select the mission to participate and wait for the appropriate time duration for the mission to complete.

Upon mission completion, you will get some varieties of items as a reward. This includes, but not limited to speedups which will significantly reduce the amount of time spent on building construction. On the item menu, you will find 5 items categories which are Resources, War, Speed Ups, Crates, and Special. Here you can see the items you already own and those you can purchase with gold.


Just as you already know, resources play a vital role in this game. You need resources to do everything in the game, ranging from researching new technology, upgrading your buildings, developing troops, and producing weapons. Food, Silver, Stone, Oil, and Iron are five in-game resources you need to succeed in the game. Plus, there is also which you can acquire by completing some certain tasks or through the in-app purchase.

To collect resources, you need to build the appropriate resource-gathering building and continue to level it up as you progress. You will be able to acquire multiples of every resource building you build. However, you need enough storage to contain everything. Each resource will be consumed at a different pace depending on the event. Just be observant when building troops or selecting a new construction. You will always be notified of the cost of building and maintenance.

When you upgrade your building and most of your precious resources began to hoard, you can always be able to claim and store more resources by upgrading. Importantly, you need to constantly compare the cost of upgrading with the benefits of the upgrade. This is the way everyone who is used to base-building games does. Also, research also uses up resources but it depends on how you are able to find new technology to support your battle, ease your construction, and train your troops.

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Before you start, the first thing is to ensure the application is installed on your phone or tablet. Notably, the application is compatible with all phone formats. We have the Mobile Strike hack iOS and Mobile Strike hack Android and Mobile Strike hack APK application format. Once you have got your game ready, just follow this simple procedure.

  • To start with, you need to first access the Generator page
  • Next, enter your username in the field provided. Doublecheck to ensure it is correct and accurate.
  • Select the amount of resource in form of VIP or Gold that you want to hack with our mobile strike hack generator.
  • Once set, click on the “GENERATE” button
  • Wait for the Mobile Strike cheats generator to connect
  • Complete a simple human verification to helps us block bots that consume our application resources
  • Success!!!

Our hack instuctions about how to use it.

About our Mobile Strike Hack

Mobile Strike is a game the uses resources, just like other games and it is quite impossible to get enough resources in the game unless you purchase from the game’s store. However, our online Mobile Strike hack resource generator can help you acquire enough resources for free. Yes, it is free! This mobile strike cheat application is purely online and does not require that you download any other application to work.

The application has been tested and verified. It works with a proxy DNS system and users cannot be detected or blocked. You don’t need to spend your hard-earned cash on mobile strike resources anymore. Use our Mobile Strike hack iOS for iOS apps and Mobile Strike hack Android for android application to generate unlimited gold and VIP today.

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